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Trust Worthy

We pride ourselves on keeping your information confidential and we treat each client with the utmost care and attention to detail.


The expert Geo City bookkeepers at have over 20 years of hands on account experience. You won’t be paying us to learn!


We conduct ourselves with professionalism, courtesy and thoughtfulness in every detail of your bookkeeping service. We are efficient, and thorough.


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What we Do

Geo City Small Business & Corporate Bookkeeping Services

Service and Software

Bookkeeping services may be provided in a variety of ways and with a myriad of different software applications.

Quickbooks Services

Pre COVID most bookkeeping services were provided physical locations and businesses. Today, with social distancing and the necessary precautions we must navigate, the services at are ideal and timely. We can get your quickbooks set up, organized and running like a well oiled machine so that you may focus on growing your business.

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Useful Resources for Small Businesses in Geo City Seeking a Professional Bookkeeper

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Ten Tips for Better Bookkeeping

This article from SCORE has some really good advice on how to keep your business efficient from a bookkeeping standpoint. A well run business has its books in order and really does make the day to day operations much more enjoyable. 

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“My experience with is exactly what I thought it would be. They use cutting edge tools, are efficient and up to date on the latest bookkeeping tools and resources. I highly recommend them.  

Carl M.

“I’ve been working as a junior bookkeeper with founder Teresa McMahon for over 20 years. Teresa really does care about her clients and balancing to zero – every time”

Maggie M.

“Teresa took my company from a slight disaster to a well organized and oiled machine. She even did accounts receivables for me and collected a substantial amount of money that I thought was bad debt.”

Marilyn M.

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Your Remote Bookkeeping Team

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Proudly Serving the Following Cities Bookkeeping Needs

Contact Your Geo City Bookkeepers

We are available for no-obligation consults and are looking forward to speaking with you.

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(415) 755-0724

48 Bothin Road, Fairfax Ca 94930

M-F: 9am-5pm, S-S: Closed